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David Cameron (Englands Prime minister): Make it a offence to use dogs for drug smuggling

(i could kill all these bastards with my own bare hands believe me !!)
•Picture:Lucky one: One of the dogs used for drug trafficking lies in a basket after being seized by authorities..
•Dogs are sliced open to retrieve the wraps of drugs from their bodies
•Large dogs used such as Great Danes, Labradors and Mastiffs
•Gang is suspected of killing about 50 dogs !
•Swallowed the bags containing 2.8 pounds of cocaine
The drug-mule dogs:The Poor animals forced to swallow bags of cocaine by gangs who then slice them open and leave them for dead !! An international drug trafficking ring forced dogs to swallow bags of cocaine and then brutally sliced the animals open to retrieve them.
Police said they arrested 75 people across northern Italy and Rome for using the dogs in a drug scam - at least 50 were died after being cut open.
Large breeds such as Great Danes, Labradors and Mastiffs were used by the gang to maximise their trafficking. When the gang wanted to retrieve the drugs they sliced open the dogs and pulled out the bags. It is unclear how the animals were made to swallow such big bundles of cocaine. The suspects are part of a gang with links to South American drug cartels.Recovery: (see inside the link below) A vet holds wraps of drugs recovered from the body of a dog used as a drug's mule. Dogs are being forced to ingest bags of cocaine and then later sliced open to retrieve the wraps from their bodies !
everyone that finds this appalling should support this petition

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