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Cancel Trident replacement

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The UK’s Trident nuclear weapon system is ageing and will become unusable. The UK government are planning a like-for-like replacement of the system, which will cost approximately £25 billion to design and build, followed by running costs of £1.5 billion per year.

Nuclear weapons promise disproportionate humanitarian harm. Beyond blast and heat, nuclear weapons produce ionising radiation. The experiences of Hiroshima and Nagasaki show that a small nuclear warhead (small relative to Trident) can cause cancer on a mass scale. A major nuclear exchange could render the planet uninhabitable.

In the past, the UK has stopped using certain weapon types, such as biological weapons. This petition calls on the UK government to do the same with nukes. It asks that politicians stop posturing and cancel Trident replacement.


Read about the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons

NB. Once this petition has reached 1000 signatures, it will be forwarded to the defence and foreign affairs teams of the three largest parties

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