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We are currently in a situation where 20% roughly of all the banks money is laundered drugs money. This has given violent criminals a lot of power in the world. In Afghanistan and Latin America, coca & opium producers are exploited by War-Lords, who use drug profits to buy guns to fight more terrorist wars. Globally, more and more countries are impoverishing millions upon millions of people in the name of austerity and meanwhile we have a drug policy that has little evidence of reducing crime, Hepatitis or AIDS, NOT TO MENTION the increasing numbers of non-violent drug users, who are imprisoned at great cost to the UK Tax Payer
David Cameron has previously said in  that "we should go to the UN and begin the discussion about legalisation" - and his colleage Lord Mancroft recently said that David Cameron was too afraid to come out and say we should legalise: legally regulate and control all drugs. However, he needs to get with the program himself , read the newspapers and note how many millions are now on the side of at least, decriminalising all drugs...

Letter to
Home Secretary and Member of Parliament for Maidenhead Rt Hon Theresa May MP
British Prime Minister David Cameron
UK Government cabinet Theresa May
Begin the process of legally regulating and controlling all drugs

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