Staples CANADA, close retail locations to flatten the COVID-19 rates in our community.

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On March 19th, the city of Toronto made a recommendation to help slow the spread of  COVID-19  in Toronto.  That recommendation was to close all non-essential businesses not selling Take out or Delivery Food, Groceries, or Drugs.  Despite this recommendation, Staples Canada is still open and it’s Senior Leadership team is advising their associates that they are “essential to the community” and that Staples Canada associates have an “obligation to their community” to remain open.  Employees are made to feel like it is their duty to report to work, leaving associates feeling coerced. There are many stories of big sales wins among regional leaders, and feel good stories that point out how an associate helped an elderly woman fix her computer.  What Staples Canada is not being transparent about with their employees is how many employees are reporting to work with symptoms of COVID-19, or how employees have raised their concern about their financial situation should they not want to risk going to work.  Staples Canada is challenging their employee’s personal values for the negligence to the public that they are being asked to commit by reporting to work.

       Every time a patron enters the store, the risk of the spreading COVID-19 becomes greater.  This is a virus with no cure.  It spreads faster than influenza and has no vaccine available.  By keeping the retail stores open, Staples Canada becomes a social destination to make social contact for people who are underestimating this virus, and potentially becoming a weapon of mass destruction to an entire generation of people.  Staples can help by closing all retail locations, and moving all customer interactions on-line to their e-commerce site, Print orders can still be produced, and products can be purchased and delivered right to your house. Even the elderly woman’s computer could be fixed with their new remote services.  Why risk the lives of so many otherwise healthy or at risk citizens, Staples? Why risk the lives of so many employees and their families? It’s time, David Boone, for Staples Canada to be responsible, and Own It.  COVID-19 does not discriminate based on age, race, sex, financial status.  Be One Team with the community and show You Care.  Partner with the rest of the brave retailers who have listened to the recommendation of Toronto’s top medical authority on COVID-19 and close your stores.