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DISCLAIMER: The Above video may contain a bit of inappropiate language. I did not make the adove video.

This episode does NOT deserve to have a G-rating. This show sends negative messages about forcing love on someone and since when it was okay to include LICKING A KIDS CHARACTER IN A KIDS SHOW? It's even comparable to the infamous Ren & Stimpy's Adult Party Cartoon! This episode really needs to either get banned or cut all references to rape/pedophila.

I really hope this episode gets banned. it's just stupid to see a rape joke APPROVED and got past the storyboarding session. This episode needs to get banned/cut or our generation will be taken a turn for the worst!

Letter to
SVP, Corporate Communications of Nickelodeon in California David Bittler
I am still wondering how this waste got rated TV-G yet it has a rape joke in it. As i said before, RAPE ISN'T FUNNY. ONLY SICK PEOPLE FIND THAT SORT OF STUFF FUNNY. Please either ban this episode or cut out the rape joke!

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