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TNT PLEASE REPRIMAND, SUSPEND or FIRE basketball analyst Charles Barkley

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Charles Barkley has been hired to be Color Commentary Analyst on your NBA shows. He's s creating & contributing to the furtherance of self hate, hate, division, & supremacy by speaking on social issue topics he has no expertise. Barkley stereotypes African Americans as criminals instead of explaining that crime is an Intraracial & economic issue with additional complexities. By spreading such untruths, Barkley is furthering lies which are very dangerous to African Americans in today's social climate. It's obvious Barkley is unable to explore deeper truths because he has no expertise in these disciplines yet he continues to demean and belittle African Americans as if he is not one. Barkley is contributing to false narratives that social and psychological experts have debunked long ago and this is making life more dangerous for African Americans in America.

Charles Barkley stated long ago he was not a role model in the past and in his current incarnation he continues to exhibit his inability to be a role model. When was the last time Charles Barkley came down and did community service in Urban areas on his own? Advocating for equality and access to resources? When was the last time he had a real discussion with those who have expertise in solving social issues? When was the last time he took his time to run a job training camp or even offer jobs and other resources?

So I ask that you reprimand/suspend/fire Charles Barkley for continuing to stir up racial divisions through expressing untruths. The media owes the entire public a better, more truthful, & more qualified group of representatives. Americans support your network which pay your bills & earn you profit. Please don't forget a large part of that viewership is African American. So we have a right to demand better from your organization of which Charles Barkley represents. Stop Charles Barkley from spreading dangerous lies which makes life even more dangerous for African Americans & other People of Color in America! 

Thanks for your time Mr. Binks

I'm sure I'll hear from you soon because I know you hold this in importance as I and others do.

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