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Roblox, Cencorship for dummies

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Roblox is a great community, and I want it to stay that way.

Recently, in the past months, due to pressuring and so-called 'bullying' by online players, ROBLOX updated it's censorship policy.

Before I get into that, I should clarify that ROBLOX has two 'privacy/safe modes'. Younger than 13, and 13 plus. ROBLOX said that 13+ could say anything, as long as it wasn't an extreme curse. (da**, h***, etc. allowed, but f***, wh*** and racial/gender slurs not allowed) But, of course, ROBLOX censored other stuff anyways.

You could say, "that idiot over there is annoying", and it would censor it.

Now, it what should happen is that it only censors it for the 13- crew, and not the 13+ crew.

But, instead, its censored for both.

This is what I don't want happening.

Help us fix ROBLOX's censorship policy.

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