Amend the mandatory 95% attendance rate for children receiving ABA therapy.

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I am one of the angered parents by the recent changes made to funding for ABA therapy. I along with many others want to see this changed. I would like the mandatory 95% attendance rate to be changed to a more realistic number. Although I do agree that change is a must this is an unrealistic number. I call upon our leaders David Alward, Nicole Gervais, and Marie-Claude Blais to recognize our concerns and make the necessary changes to the recently amended agreement. 

Early interevention is key in the success for children on the spectrum. Although I do not believe ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) to be the best source of treatment it is what we have here in New Brunswick, so we should do it well. Isabelle Bulmer wrote that her daughter has had phenomenal improvements through early intervention. Personally my son has grown by leaps and bounds through a multidisciplinary therapy which included is ABA.
Children who have Autism have a greater chance of having comorbidities such as gastrointestinal issues, seizures, allergies and lower immunity. They deserve to stay home when sick. Julie Worden stated that her son had to miss days. Mary Melton's granddaughter has epilepsy and finds the thought of her being penalized due to her illness unbelievable. Laurie Leblanc's son has a low immune system and Heather Warman's daughter has to miss days for appointments at the IWK. These children deserve the right to miss therapy in order to attend appointments and other necessary treatments. These are also preschool children and deserve to be children and participate in a variety of activities which may involve them sporadically missing a day at the center and leaving or arriving late. Allow them to be children. 

I fear that if we do not win children will lose their funding or have it severely decreased. Many studies have proven that early intervention works and to give the best chance to our children, they need this change.

If we do win I would like to see the number reduced to 80%. This is reasonable. Let's stand up for our children and give them a fighting chance!

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