Rebuild Daventry outdoor pool

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We, the people of Daventry and Daventry  District want the outdoor pool to be rebuilt and upgraded for all year round use with slides/play features to attract people to the town. 

We believe that the original pool, built and payed for by local people, through fundraising and hands on preparation building work, belonged to the people of the town and district.  DDC made a decision to run the pool down and close it against the express wishes of the people and the land has remained vacant since 2006.  The current site is an eye sore and serves as a permanent reminder to us all, of the wrong, DDC committed against the hard working tax payer of the town.

DDC has long ridden roughshod over the wishes of the local people, wasting millions on ridiculous projects that people objected to and continue to do so today.  So, it is time for DDC to listen to the good people of Daventry and District and rebuild the outdoor pool!