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As this petition rises past 100,000 signatures, I just want to thank all of you for your support. A small town petition with the intention of reaching a couple hundred signatures to get the university's attention went national and then global and within a week reached 100,000 supporters. The attention that this has gotten has brought the situation to light and kept it from being swept under the rug. Breck Ruddick has been cited by animal control for animal cruelty and allowing a dog to run at large. There is still an investigation by the university that is in the works to determine what disciplinary action will be taken. Hopefully Breck Ruddick will get the help he needs for whatever could have driven him to lash out on Luca and hopefully he will no longer be a threat to any animal or anyone down the line. Katie and Luca are so grateful for all of your endless love and support for during this difficult time. Please continue to keep Luca in your thoughts and prayers as he recovers and as we continue to see to it that justice is served. Thank you for giving Luca a voice.

Tabi Jost
4 years ago