Get Pedro Baez Off the Dodgers Roster

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Since 2014 when Pedro Baez joined the Los Angeles Dodgers he has continuously showed that he is incapable of performing in the moment at a major league level. From single handedly blowing crucial playoff game after playoff game to important regular season games, he continues to be given this “ghost hype” from management and the coaching staff that he shows flashes of being the next Eric Gagne. It is 2018 and we have endured enough hurt. How many more games will Baez destroy for us? How has 4 years of blowing the opportunity to prove himself continued to be rewarded with more opportunity in close important games? WE SIMPLY DO NOT GET IT.

Please sign this petition to get Pedro Baez officially off the team, we have plenty of young arms that we can groom into the bullpen. Pitchers. NOT throwers, who just rifle 97mph carne asada straight down the pipe with no general control to be devoured by pitbulls over the fence or to miss the plate and walk runners home.

Enough is enough.