Stop the wood cutting along Blue Lake Road

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The forests long both sides of Hwy 647 (the Blue Lake Road) are going to be clear cut.

This beautiful area of standing trees is our back yard and are used by many locals for recreational area such as hiking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, mushroom picking.  It is also a pristine area that many people, tourists and locals alike, bike, jog and walk along.  This is so popular because of its close proximity to Vermilion Bay, you don’t need to drive to get here and because of the popularity of Blue Lake Park.

As the tree’s mature and die, it is also an easier accessible area for our locals to gather much needed firewood.

Another problematic point we would like to bring up, being residents in this area, is the odour coming from the “honey ponds” (septic dump site) located on the east side, the road right before the garbage dump road.  Since part of this forest was cut several years  ago, we get some odours on low pressure days and east wind days that are not very pleasant.  Once the rest of the area around the “honey pond” is cut we believe that odour will be much stronger.  This not only effects us but anyone driving, walking and biking by.

As you can see by the map above, the area is not very large to be cut.  It is small chunks however that will require machinery to be floated to several spots, roads to be put in, culverts added and most likely torn out again.  The cost to profit on this job cannot be worth taking away this beautiful area.  We are obviously not against logging but are we so desparate to take away part of our refuge and playground for a couple of bucks and some pulp for export.

I hope that you are able to look into this and help to save our forest.

Robbie and Joy Robinson

Vermilion Bay Residents