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There are 1000 World Heritage Listed National Parks in the world.... 20 of them qualify for all four of the natural selection criteria. TWO of those are in Australia. The Great Barrier Reef and the Shark Bay World Heritage Marine Park. Ningaloo Reef is Shark Bays CLOSEST neighbour and is ALSO World Heritage Listed! It is a pretty special bit of Aussie coast for sure!

Sharks are essential to the health of our oceans. As its apex predators they stop herbivores from overgrazing the sea grass meadows that are the building block of ALL life in our oceans. You can thank the sharks for the ten thousand healthy dugongs and two thousand bottlenose dolphins that call the Shark Bay World Heritage Marine Park home. You can thank them for the incredible fishing on Ningaloo reef as well as the amazing whale sharks and manta rays that frolic and feed in its shallows. But they are now under attack..

Did you know you can still catch and KILL THREE manta rays a DAY in West Aussie State waters including the Shark Bay World Heritage Marine park? They receive protection in Ningaloo Marine park but not next door in Exmouth, Shark Bay or anywhere else in West Australia. This petition aims to create Australia's LARGEST shark sanctuary and remove Mantas from the recreational fishing bag limits STATE WIDE!

The local indigenous guardians of the Shark in Shark Bay are the Malgana people. They call the sharks "Thaarka". Like Eddie Mabo, the famous Australian Aboriginal who started the land rights movement and whose totem was the Tiger Shark, ALL the saltwater people of West Australia hold sharks as sacred. In indigenous culture sharks are respected, revered and protected. Aboriginal Australians have been the sharks protectors for thousands of years.

We need to do the same.

Globally 90% of shark species are in decline making the World Heritage Marine parks VITAL breeding ground for these animals that outlasted the dinosaurs. Due to a lack of legislation recreational trophy hunters have flocked to our region to hunt our large, sexually mature, breeding sharks for their fins, jaws and for "records" and social media selfies.

We don't want to stop anyone fishing for a feed for their family but this madness has to stop.

These trophy hunters live bait and burley unnatural numbers of sharks into areas where our children swim and even where our tourists come to see our Monkey Mia dolphins and Ningaloo Whale sharks every year. If they are not killed outright then they are released exhausted, often with broken jaws and unable to catch their natural prey. It is a recipe for disaster.

West Australias iconic Cottesloe Beach has already banned this activity due to concerns it would increase the likelihood of shark attack. Geraldton City is doing the same but it is STILL legal in our World Heritage Listed Marine Parks.

Join our group as we begin a journey to BAN senseless recreational shark TROPHY hunters who are flooding to our region and create the LARGEST breeding sanctuary for sexually mature sharks in Australia.

In three weeks, Dave Kelly our State Fisheries minister will make COMMON Sense changes to WA Rec Fish legislation and bag limits. Lets show him EXACTLY what changes we want.

Dave Kelly is a GOOD man. He helped us take on the State government to end their senseless shark cull. Now YOU have to HELP HIM HELP US!! Contact his office with a respectful request to INCLUDE all WA State Waters as areas where large sharks and Manta rays are protected from exploitation.

ACT TODAY. Here are his details. The clock is ticking.,+David+(Dave)+Joseph

Our oceans thankyou.

And PLEASE sign and SHARE our petition to create Australia's LARGEST shark sanctuary today!

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