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There are 1000 World Heritage Listed National Parks in the world.... 20 of them qualify for all four of the natural selection criteria. TWO of those are in Australia. The Great Barrier Reef and the Shark Bay World Heritage Marine Park. Help us create Australia's LARGEST Shark Sanctuary by signing this petition today!

We are not hippies.. We hate petitions so we are grateful you are here! We are farmers, four wheel drivers and mad keen recreational and commercial fishing families..which is why we want this. Which is why YOU should too.. its simple.

1.The ecological and economic future of Shark Bay World Heritage Marine Park is at stake. Sharks are the key to its survival. 

2.The Shark Bay Sea Grass meadow is SOLELY responsible for sustaining WA's second LARGEST commercial fishery for snapper, scallops and prawns which provides over $50 Million dollars of income to WA fishing families and communities.

3. Shark Bays sharks are SOLELY responsible for protecting a seagrass meadow the size of the Perth Metropolitan Area.. It is proven to capture the carbon causing global warming 35 times more efficiently than a terrestrial forest. 

4. The Monkey Mia dolphins bring more than $100 Million dollars tourism revenue into our state economy annually, the activity of beach based trophy shark hunting was linked directly by the worlds leading dolphin researchers to a recent spike in attacks on mother dolphins in the area. 

5. Cambridge University estimates global shark tourism to be worth more than one BILLION Aussie dollars within the next two decades. It is presently worth HALF a billion AUD. Shark tourism is a HUGE part of our local economy and growing.

6. In 2011 a heatwave killed 40% of our seagrass meadows, putting our commercial fishing industries and global tourism industry at catastrophic risk, and scientific predictions say that we are expecting more..and more heatwaves and  that that they will be hotter and hotter.. 

We need ALL the help we can get to save our sea grass meadows, our commercial and recreational fishing economy, our famous Monkey Mia Dolphins and help do our bit to stop global warming.

Sir David Attenborough highlighted the above in his recent series "Blue Planet 2" which featured Shark Bays Tiger sharks protecting Western Australia's single most important aquatic habitat... if you believe in him then believe in US and help us change the future of Australia TODAY by signing the most important petition you will sign in Western Australia's history and create Australia's LARGEST shark sanctuary. 

Our families both above and below the high tide line thank you.