Highland East homeowners against Harcourt gun range re-zoning proposal.

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We the undersigned have signed this petition to voice our strong objection to the re zoning application brought by Geetu and Prashant Pathak to the Highlands East Council to re-zone a 200 acre parcel of land south of Mumford Road in the Cardiff/Harcourt area to allow the establishment of a private gun club and shooting range to include the use of restricted and non-restricted firearms including semi-automatic assault rifles as well as accommodations for up to 12 people.

Our objections include our deep concern for the noise pollution created by multiple and continuous firearms being discharged in close proximity to farms, residences and cottages.  This proposed usage of land by the applicant is in direct conflict with the primary reason most properties in this area have been established for: Residential living, farming, retirement and recreation in a peaceful and natural setting.  The very reason property owners have selected this area to own and enjoy their properties would be completely undermined and destroyed by allowing a business into the area that would drown out the sounds of nature with that of a war zone.

The only acceptable noise level from such a business - is NO noise and we are therefore, as a community, strongly opposed to it.

Note also that it is very important under the Planning Act to write to the Highlands East city council to express your opinion. Please write to:

Robyn Rogers, Clerk, Municipality of Highlands East
2249 Loop Road, Wilberforce, ON
K0L 3C0