Stop Tax Funded Animal Experiments

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Save Men's Best Friend

Most people would agree that your dog is your best friend, the friend who has been with you through the good times and the bad. The friend who always greets you with a smile no matter the circumstances. Now imagine if someone purposely injected lethal chemicals into your best friend for the sake of sciences. Imagine your best friend dying a slow and painful death in a dark cage all alone. Imagine your best friend being cut apart pieces by pieces. That is the fate of the 60,000 dogs that the Department of Veterans’ Affairs is experimenting on. These poor dogs are breed exclusivity for research purposes, they never get to know the touch of a loving owner or the joy of being petted. They spend their entire lives caged until they are killed and dissected. Man's best friend deserves so much more, they deserve to be loved and cared for not being lab rats to a cold-hearted government organization. Please sign and share, only with your help can this horrific practice be banned.

World Animal Rescue
3 years ago