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Petitioning Dave Bing, Mayor of Detroit

Sign the Mayors for the Freedom to Marry Pledge

Sign the Mayors for Freedom to Marry pledge

More than 175 Mayors from across the country have joined the Mayors for the Freedom to Marry pledge.

I know Detroit is in dire financial straits right now but, to support the Freedom to Marry Pledge is to support individuals and families deserving of equality and who will support Detroit's effort for growth and change.

The strength and health of our cities are enhanced when all families are protected and supported. Many loving and committed same-sex couples are active participants in improving our communities, and they deserve to know their mayor supports them, too. Furthermore, the freedom to marry enhances the economic competitiveness of our communities, improves the lives of families that call our cities homes, and is simply the right thing to do.

Please urge Mayor Dave Bing to sign the Mayors for the Freedom to Marry pledge by signing this petition sharing it with your friends, families and neighbors.

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  • Dave Bing, Mayor of Detroit

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