Urgent need to improve rubbish disposal and waste management in the town of Semporna.

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The town of Semporna is a gateway to the infamous world class diving destination such as Mabul and Sipadan Islands. Every day, there is an influx of hundreds tourist from all over the world. However, the town is plagued with bad waste management and rubbish disposal, causing piles of rubbish to be accumulated in designated garbage picking areas, the rise of garbage scavengers, and dangerous wild dogs.

Besides that, most of this rubbish would end up in the sea and endanger marine life and bring bad consequences for fishing and water recreation activities in the long run. These also gave bad impression to tourist, and will affect the tourism business here in the long run. The locals living here would also be more susceptible to diseases and reduced quality of life.

Therefore, relevant enforcement agencies must make sure there is adequate education, active enforcement, and sufficient garbage trucks that operates everyday to clear the town from the piles of rubbish. Active recycling programmes and recycling centers also must be opened as a solution for the scavengers and the locals to sort out their waste, and use recycling to reduce waste products.

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