Now No More Local Sports Complex, but a high-rise Condo

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The majority of residents when bought their units in Kota Damansara were told that there would be a Community Sports Complex to be built in Seksyen 10, Kota Damansara. After years of development, not only has there not been a community sports complex, but now residents were told that the land has been converted from a sports complex to a high rise condo, all 47 floors!

PKNS as the landowner has decided to merge with Sunway Group in order to be able to develop into this so-called high rise condo. Shame on PKNS for not only unable to fulfill their promise to the community but now trying to make a profit on the small piece of land.

So, this 'merger' between PKNS and Sunway is to build a 38 floor condo, 8 levels of parking and 1 level of shops on a piece of land that is beside Condo De Rozelle and Kota Damansara Community Forest. A place where recently as of last year, there was a small landslide that occurred just beside the piece of land. A place where all levels of community come on weekends to visit the community forest.

So, what are we looking forward to? There's 2 blocks of 38 floors and 1000 units. We are estimating 2000 cars coming out of this condo, alone. And the inter-junction is already one of busiest during peak hour, we can expect havoc in traffic, before, during, and especially after the development.

Thus, we the residents of Kota Damansara seek your assistance by supporting our cause. Just click the support button and you have done your part in making sure that we do not get bullied by big corporations and that certain parties know that a promise is a promise.