Let’s Secure Our Future

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We Lost our loved ones in this infamous Fire in Kamla Mills , Due To Greed of  Few People , Supported by Corrupt Officials of Fire, MUNICIPALCorporation and Police Department.

We As Citizen Pay Taxes.

From These Taxes The Officials of Various Departments ,Such as



Police Etc Etc  Get their Salaries and have to Protect the Citizens and their Welfare.

But Irony is that few Corrupt officials in these departments for their greed and Disrespect  for humanity promote and support  people who violate safety norms .

ITS TIME TO STOP ALL ILLEGAL RESTAURANTS ,BARS ,PUBS,HOOKAH BAR, who are Violating all Safety Norms and Disrespect for Humanity.

All Corrupt and Responsible Culprits to be brought to trial  and Jusitice Prevail.

When should the Justice Delivered ?

The Time Should be same as that  Deemed to be Reasonably Fast by people who are Responsible to deliver the Justice, if God forbidden their loved ones were lost in this tragic fire.