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YOU SAID NO to the NeoNazi rally, and IT WORKED!! ITS CANCELLED!!!!!

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(Photo above: Kevin Goudreau, Canadian Nationalist Front)

UPDATE: Following pressure from this petition, another petition in Peterborough, and messages condemning the planned Rally from community leaders including Rabbi Robert Morais of Ottawa's Temple Israel, the Peterborough City Council has revoked the event permit!!!!! I have asked for details as to why it was revoked, and will update that info here. 

The City Council of Peterborough, Ontario, granted a permit for a NeoNazi, White Supremicist Rally, organized by Kevin Goudreau, chairman of the "Canadian Nationalist Front" group, to take place on Saturday, Sept 30, 2017.

Your signature on this petition will help to persuade the Peterborough CIty Council that the permit should be withdrawn, on the grounds that this group uses hate speech. 

Your signature says NO to allowing those who spread messages of hate, to spout intolerance, hate, and disrespect for Canadian values.

Your signature will help us stop a repeat of the violence and hate that exploded in Charlottesville. 

Goudreau has a history of violence; his chest is covered in a very large swastika tattoo. The Canadian Nationalist Front has ties to white supremicist/ NeoNazi groups including Stormfront, David Duke, and White Aryan Resistance. 

Kevin Goudreau said his aim is to "unite the right and stop immigration into Canada" (quote from an interview of Goudreau by Evan Solomon of CBC). 

The rally is scheduled to take place on Sept 30, which happens to be the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. This is an intensely sacred Jewish holiday, when people of the Jewish faith put aside 24 hours for fasting and praying.

This petition will be delivered to Mayor Bennett of Peterborough on Friday, Sept. 29. The short notice of this rally, combined with the start of Yom Kippur at sundown on Friday, Sept. 29, make it urgent we gather support and signatures FAST! Please share this petition!! Thank you for caring.

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