Allow ALL pool players to play both EPA and EBPF/IPA at any level without any comebacks.

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My name is Darren Madden from Kent, (Region 7). I am a disabled player, I cannot use my hands or arms, I play by holding the cue in mouth.

I would like to see a RULE CHANGE, so players whether able bodied or disabled can play under either organisation.

I want this changed for all pool players, not just myself,  I've just highlighted my own story.. 

Last October, I played in the National Interleague Finals at Yarmouth, for Romney Marsh B, where I encountered a few issues from the 'Top Table', which were dealt with.

During the weekend I was filmed playing, and the video went viral online, reaching over 600k views, which were followed by thousands of messages and comments from all around the world.

On the back of this, The England Specials Team Manager (Blackball Rules) saw the video, and selected me to play at the Euros, where we finished runners-up. 

I was fully aware of the ruling before I went, but I was certainly not going to give up the opportunity to play for England, just to please the EPA. 

BUT as the EPA don't have anything in place for disabled players, unless in a wheelchair, I feel that I should be allowed to play IL under the EPA and play for England at blackball without any comebacks or risk of a ban.

Come on people, lets try and get this rule changed for everyone....

This is what is on the EPA registration form -

I apply for the English Pool Association ID Card, and agree to abide by the rules and constitution of the Association.
I understand that should I play in or administer a pool event organised in direct competition with the English Pool Association (EPA), then this registration may be suspended. Events to which this condition has already been determined to apply are ones not organised by the EPA, or a County Association affiliated to it where the players purport to represent England or an
English county.



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