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Tasty Budd's Patients

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I am a loyal patient and advocate  of Tasty Budd's  specifically the Cole Harbour Location.


I have been advocating for them since they opened their doors in our neighborhood. 


Over the past year and a half.... I observed hundreds of patients.  Patients from 19 to 95.

They walk in with various debilitating medical conditions often in pain ,,,,,looking for Hope.

Hope that they can feel relief. Relief that allows them to live a little bit easier. 

The relationships these volunteers have created with this huge community ( and growing) and the dedication they put into serving every patient with dignity, respect, and a positive attitude, have helped us get healthier.

They are also patients who truly understand the needs and benefits of various strains and forms of the cannabis plant medicinally.

 Consultative discussions on how people can manage various medical issues using the green medicine.


The need for specific forms of cannabis medecine became so overwhelming and apparent that they expanded to various places in the province.

As we all know they were raided last week.  Not a shock. RCMP needed to make a point.


 Unfortunately what they did was destroy property, destroy the nerves of volunteers, and tried to destroy the true mission statement of what Tasty Budd's really is.

The very next day, head office reopened with positive emotion and love for everyone who walked in and called out of concern.

Patients had to go through withdrawl.... upset....anxiety..medical issues... and still are.. where locations have not re-opened.

I want anyone who supports TASTY Budd's to sign this Petition.

I want anyone who supports our local dispensary model to sign this petition.

I want anyone who has seen the effects of how daily and weekly access from this dispensary model has helped a loved one get healthier... sign this petition.

Please share and let's get the conversation going!!


Stop the raids.

Meet us patients.

Help us be the legal model.

Make Atlantic Canada THE Example of how WE DO LEGALIZATION.


Love Shari!













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