Latrobe City Council: complete the Moe Rail Precinct Revitalisation Project

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The West Ward community is fed up with being left out of the Latrobe City projects and funding commitments in each term budget, this project is only partially complete and funding hasn't even been applied for to the state / federal or LVA authorities. 

State funding has been available in the past and Council has been approached on numerous occasions asking the question  'Why has an application not been submitted?' WE ask the same.

The community wants Council to apply for funding to all parties of government levels and the LVA. We want a commitment in the next budget that the Moe Rail Precinct Revitalisation Project (MRPRP) will be completed in the near future.

This will give the township the confidence it needs to believe that Council want to complete projects they start and consider West Ward to be inclusive of Latrobe City.

This will also give the youth of the area somewhere safe to go and enjoy, as the youth precinct is incorporated in the completion of the project.

For more than a decade Moe Trader’s Association & The Committee For Moe have been spear heading the campaign for completion of the MRPRP which started more than 15 years ago. However frustratingly, progress stopped at the opening of the $14m library, Stage one only completed in September 2016.

Since then Moe has been left with fewer parking bays, a dilapidated, unusable and dangerous skate park, and an unfinished project which means Moe is lacking what all other major Latrobe City towns have. Our youth have been left with nowhere safe to hang out.

Future stages include the development of a public park, streetscape improvements, reconstruction of George Street into a bus interchange, construction of landscaped and open green spaces, a youth precinct, and a shared pedestrian zone in Moore Street.

Moe residents pay the same council rates as Morwell and Traralgon residents however Moe Trader’s estimated Latrobe City’s current average spend on community projects calculated per resident: per East & Central Wards in excess of $3300 per person whilst West Ward residents have a spending of less than $300 per person. We’re not asking for equal, just to be treated fairly and not be discriminated against.

Latrobe City Council we want a commitment in the next budget that the last two stages of the MRPRP will be prioritized and completed in the near future.