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Stop the Closure of San Clemente Hospital

The closure of San Clemente Hospital and ER will result in the immediate loss of access to emergency care in San Clemente and neighboring cities. Historically, the loss of emergency care access results in an increase in mortality rate of 5 to 15%, which is attributed to ER overcrowding and prolonged wait times.

In signing this petition you are encouraging Saddleback MemorialCare to bring other solutions to the table that will keep our hospital open. You are also inviting the San Clemente City Council and Congressman Issa to engage in this issue.

San Clemente Hospital has been the cornerstone of healthcare access for it's families and residents for over 40 years. It is the sole emergency care facility for the city and will leave a 40 mile void in emergency care access between Oceanside and Mission Viejo if it closes.

The hospital currently treats 15,000 emergency room patients per year and admits over 4,000 patients per year. It also provides over 200 jobs for the growing community. San Clemente has 65,000 residents and swells to over 100,000 on the weekends. Rancho Mission Viejo is just east of San Clemente and is planning for 14,000 new homes. The loss of this hospital will impact not only the residents of San Clemente, but also the new families that are moving into this area.

Saddleback Memorial plans to convert the hospital into a medical office building, outpatient surgery, and urgent care centers. Paramedics cannot bring sick patients to urgent care centers by California law and urgent care centers will not be bounded by regulations to treat all residents regardless of their ability to pay. Residents have access to multiple urgent care centers within several miles of this location and the city.

At a recent San Clemente City Council meeting, Orange County sherriffs, paramedics, EMS, fire, and all emergency care responders sumbitted that there will be negative effect on the city's ability to provide current services and stressed concern for emergency care for residents.

As citizens we are concerned about this hospital closing and the ongoing trend of the loss of emergency services.

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    Tom Rogers
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    Bob Baker
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    Tim Brown
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    Lori Donchak
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    Chris Hamm
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    Joel Lautenschleger
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    Barry Arbuckle
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    Sharon Cheever
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    Donna Rane-Szostak
  • San Clemente City Council Member
    Jim Evert (San Clemente City Council Member)

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