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Help Fight U.S.Active Duty Service Man

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Camp Pendelton
My husband has been and still is active duty Navy Corpsman serving with the Marines for nearly 7 years. He was diagnosed with massive acoustic neuroma Nov. 2015 had emergency open skull brain surgery Dec.2015 followed by 2 more open skull surgeries in 2016 also had a corrective head surgery and shunt placed in his spine 2016 he is having a 2nd corrective surgery on Oct.13 which involves reopening his head. He is set to be medical discharged at the end of 2017 then we will most likely return to Texas. His medical ratings came back at 10% and 100% the first rating saying he only deserves $130 a month the rest of his life. .The second number saying he is unfit for active duty and he will be taken care of with medical expenses as long as he is seen at a VA hospital or clinic. My husband is a good man he is not only unfit for the military health provider he is unfit to work as a civilian full time. He comes home excruciating pain where I cannot hardly touch him because his nerves which were diced in the proceedures to save his life. He has trouble eating and talking his face is paralyzed on the left side he cannot feel that side of his tounge or mouth. He is 100% deaf in his left ear this will never improve as his hearing sensor was completely removed during (it is not fixable) surgery he only has 35% hearing in his right ear. This leaves him often in a fog frustered and confused in a room with more than 1 person. He must look at you while you are speaking. They removed a large amount of muscle and tissue from his left thigh which leaves him unable to confidently walk and run. Balboa hospital has told us if he wants to fix that he will habe to gain at least 15lbs to have more tissue removed from his stomach and fill in the hole it has left in his thigh. This is not possible whenever he hardly eats as it is. He does not do well in crowded areas he has some form of PTSD if not from the horrors he has seen in the military and or putting his life on the line multiple times for medical reasons. He had 5 surgeries back to back within 7 months! The stresses of this all at once left me stressed and panicked his Sugery in Aug.2016 they told me sorry your husband has a severe infection his immune system has began to shut down the reality is he may not make it and you should be aware of this 17 days he was in ICU I was not allowed to touch or kiss him. I was 6 months pregnant at this time. Within the next 2 months he improved with the infection however we had to go to the ER twice due to severe spinal fluid leak. Our daughter passed away at 34 weeks 5 days from no other explantation besides stress or S.I.D in the womb is what my Dr. Told me when her heart stopped. She was perfect. We are going to Washington Oct. 23 for a formal board hearing, we do not have any family in CA. We are looking for some support from people and from Darrell Issa I habe been told by many people he is the man who we want on our side, told he takes care of the men and women who defend this Great Nation. This allowed us to see hope which can be grim in these times. Our family friends give us support for Landon to be fully taken care of after his military career comes to a end. We have started a petition getting people who support us in CA in TX and in between (Arizona). Please we look forward to hearing back from you. We are both 25 years old we have our whole lives ahead of us, please help. Thank you for your time. Very Respectfully, Catherine Roberts

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