Do not postpone the fur farming ban!

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Do not postpone the fur farming ban!

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The fur industry often benefits only a few people (the immediate owner/operators) while negatively impacting entire communities!

Animals on fur farms spend their entire lives confined to cramped, filthy wire cages. Fur farmers use the cheapest and cruelest killing methods available, including suffocation, electrocution and gassing. In Bosnia and Herzegovina the fur farming ban was set in 2009 with a phasing out period of 10 years. The transitional period of 10 years is more than enough to anyone who is involved in the breeding of fur animals to redirect to other types of production. Now, a politician proposed a change of Bosnia's Animal Protection Act which would again allow fur farming. The World Bank believes fur farms are one of the five worst industries in the world due to pollution with toxic metals. The ecological consequences and human health risks of breeding animals for fur are enormous. Workers working in the production of fur use hazardous chemicals, and risk to suffer from testicular cancer and other diseases- Also, the polluted water can cause leukemia in local population. Environmental risks include toxicity to organisms living in water and air pollution. Improper handling of waste can lead to contamination of water. Currently in Bosnia and Herzegovina there are about 80 farms for fur animals. One can assume that these farms do not operate according to the Law, because farms operate without licences issued by authorities due to lack of reagulations on fur farmings.  One such farm employs an average of 2 employees, which makes a negligible number of jobs for the BiH economy. The incomes are great, but the benefits go only to individuals. Unlike many other branches of manufacturing, fur is not a product which depends on anyone's survival and existence than the concept of luxury, breeding and killing animals for wantonness, waste of resources and environment pollution. Due to the global condemnation of breeding animals for fur, the irrelevance of the fur industry in BiH economy, ethical principles, and political reputation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the European Union and the world, it is essential to the Animal Protection Act to keep the existing provision prohibiting the cultivation of all animals for their fur. We hope that you as a representative of the country that works in their best interest will consider these arguments and vote AGAINST this inhuman and uncivilized practice that has already been overcome in all countries whose standards and values we aspire.

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