Sign our petition to upgrade Driftwood Park back to it's former 90's glory.

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Driftwood Park was built in 1999 on land donated from the Darien Club subdivision to the Darien Park District. Since then it hasn't seen a makeover and it's nautical theme is old and outdated, so old in fact it is older than the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise. While Driftwood may be the newest addition to the Darien Park District, with more and more young families moving into the area, the time is now for a new playground. 

With more families having more time to spend around the house and around the neighborhood, our parks are even more important today than they were last year. Driftwood Park can be a meeting place for those in the Darien Club subdivision with newer residents meeting older residents and creating a stronger community. 

Please voice your support so we can show those with the power to build a new park how important it is to all of us.