Make Gilbert/Oakover Road pedestrian crossing safer NOW!

Make Gilbert/Oakover Road pedestrian crossing safer NOW!

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Shanaugh Lyon started this petition to Darebin Council

There have been far too many near misses with cars driving through a red light at the Gilbert/Oakover Road pedestrian crossing in Preston, narrowly avoiding a collision with pedestrians.

As a community we feel passionate about this issue and are campaigning to make the crossing safer. Here is a letter composed by a parent at Bell Primary School.


Dear Darebin Council,

We are writing this letter today as residents of the Oakover Village and Bell Primary School Community as we feel the pedestrian crossing on Gilbert/Oakover Rd is not safe and urgently needs improving.

We feel that pedestrian safety needs to become a much bigger priority for the council. As a council you have a responsibility to design transport systems that take all road users and not just motorists into account, from children to the elderly, pregnant women, persons with disabilities, etc.

For several years, the crossing hasn’t been safe even with a crossing supervisor on duty during school times. The crossing supervisor has had to leap out of the way when cars have gone through a red light and that is one of Darebin Council’s employees, putting her life at risk to help children and families get across the road safely.

More recently there have been some near misses that could have resulted in serious injury or fatality due to the speed some motorists have gone through the red light, some even overtaking on the wrong side of the road. It is madness!

We have some immediate improvements that we would like to see as a matter of urgency to provide a better visual presence of the crossing:

-        Decrease speed to 40km/h along that section of road.

-        Installation of zig zag lines or rumble strips on the road approaching the crossing.        

-        Fixing of pedestrian crossing button to allow for audio signal for vision impaired and for improved safety for all pedestrians.

-        Regular pruning of verge trees that block the view of the traffic signals.

-        Allowance for the use of red Children Crossing flags during school times.

Ideally, we would like to see the pedestrian crossing moved to the intersection of Gilbert and Oakover Road. This would result in less traffic accidents at that intersection also.

As a community, knowing a pedestrian could have been seriously injured or lost their life, scares and upsets us extremely.

Over the years, several residents have made complaints to council and put forward suggestions for improving the safety of the crossing. We are sure you will agree that no parent/carer wants to receive a phone call saying their child has been injured or worse due to lack of consideration from drivers in the area. Unfortunately, this has not had the desired impact. To avoid the horrible consequences of what could potentially happen, we hope you consider our appeal and try to help us make the roads around our community safer.

On behalf of the Oakover Village Community and Bell Primary School Community, we thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

Kind regards, 
Residents of Oakover Village and Parents at Bell Primary School


0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!