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Darcy's pub discrimination at Westshore location?

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Hi, my name is Charles Reid. I am trying to get a hold of the owner of Darcy’s Westshore Pub. The owner is refusing to talk to me about their discrimination and it not being accessible. I have tried contacting the owner many times before. I have made complaints to managers over the last 2 years, with no results. The manager Courtney Campbell & Darcy McJager will not give me contact info for the owner. I thought businesses had to be transparent and share this information? I need to talk to the owner so he fully understands what is going on. He needs to know what needs changing and how to fix it. Darcy’s staff, managers and owner need disability etiquette training.  I’m an quadriplegic and I worked as a draftsman for 5 years designing public spaces. Darcy’s has been horrible to me and my wheelchair friends. One time the waitresses refused to talk to us and insisted in talking with our caregivers. Dale Hampshire and I were there that night.  Another time for a hockey pool with many of my friends. Chris Halpen and I had to sit in the aisle for hours. It was just us hockey pool guys in the bar and they could not sit us properly. Sitting in an aisle is a fire code violation. The worst time was when Dustin Smith, Ryan Human, Dale Hampshire, and I were sitting in the one and only accessible area, which is on the dance floor. We even had hot food at the time. They started taking away those tables and there are no other accessible tables to sit at. we had to leave. Another code violation. Disabled people can not go to Darcy’s when they have entertainment on. No where to sit. They do not have an proper viewable accessible sitting area. They do have a patio, but that gets locked because Darcy’s gets noise complaints from neighbors’. Also the Westshore managers basically avoids talking to us directly. One of the security bouncers said we should not be there as it was not safe for us anyways. It is our own right to decide to go there or not. I have many able bodied friends that go there and I just want to hang with my friends and have an enjoyable time. Darcy’s has shown this pattern of behavior over the past two years with two different owners. Since they have opened. It is clear they don’t want wheelchair people in there on busy nights. I wish we could solve these issues in an adult manner, but the owner will not talk to me. I have offered to meet with the owner to discuss the issues. I guess the owner knows he is in the wrong and he is to embarrassed to admit his bar discriminates and is not accessible. The bar was 100% accessible when Darcy’s took it over. Not now. It saddens me that this type of treatment towards disabled people still exists today. Please sign if you think this is wrong. Thanks, Charles Reid

Darcy's phone number is: (250) 391-8597 - Darcy's website - Darcy's Facebook

737 Goldstream Ave
Langford BC, V9B 2X4

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