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Protect Renwick Street from irresponsible and unsafe driving behaviour

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We the residents of Renwick Street request the Inner West Council to protect our street from irresponsible and unsafe driving behaviour.

We would like to bring to your attention some changes regarding traffic conditions on Renwick Street. There have been an increased number of:

  • vehicles travelling on Renwick Street,
  • heavy commercial vehicles and,
  • vehicles travelling at excessive speed.

The busiest times of the day are early mornings (5:30AM – 9:00AM) and afternoons (6:00PM - 11:00PM). We have seen an increase in vehicles travelling between Illawarra Road to Carrington Road. Council estimated a traffic volume of approximately 4,000 vehicles per day in November 2013. As congestion across Sydney gets worse, our street will soon see the impacts of urbanisation.

While it is difficult to calculate the speed of a vehicle without proper equipment, we believe vehicles are continually speeding, only slowing momentarily for an ineffective roundabout. Also, a regular occurrence as you would be aware are the motorcycles who use our street as ‘drag strip’. These motorcycles are travelling down our street at unreasonable hours of the night, waking us all up.

Why is the traffic getting worse?

We took the liberty to brainstorm a few reasons why our traffic is deteriorating:

  • Our streets wide width makes it a favourable pathway for speeding vehicles.
  • Woolworths at the end of Renwick Street has attracted a lot of vehicles.
  • The connection to Carrington Road makes Renwick Street a top choice for vehicles.
  • Warren Street is too narrow resulting in savvy drivers preferring to use Renwick Street.
  • With the continuous development of Illawarra Road and proposed Carrington Precinct, the situation will only get worse

Why does this matter to the residents on Renwick Street?

As residents living on Renwick Street, we want to make sure the street remains a safe and peaceful residential street for us all to enjoy.

The street should continue to be safe for the elderly, disabled, children and pets to cross without the fear of speeding vehicles. As you know, the surrounding noise has an impact on our sleep at night – forcing us to awaken early in the morning. Chances are a lot of us are yawning right now because last night we were awoken by speeding cars, motorcyclists and trucks.

How "might" we improve Renwick Street?

We have researched similar streets to evaluate traffic calming options available. A few potential options for Renwick Street could include:

  • Speed humps - A tradition traffic calming measure that has had success on multiple residential streets in Marrickville – residents are generally appreciative of the noise reduction
  • Angle parking - Reduced width of the street would discourage vehicle from travelling at a high speed. Secondly, this would also allow more parking spaces for residents.
  • One-way traffic - This is a potential solution to reduce future traffic.

  • No entrance from either Illawarra or Carrington Road - This is another potential solution to reduce future traffic.

Our Ask to the Council

To introduce road safety improvements to Renwick Street, we request the Inner West Council to conduct a traffic study and propose appropriate traffic calming measures for Renwick Street.

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