Protect Renwick Street from irresponsible and unsafe driving behaviour

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We the residents of Renwick Street request the Inner West Council to protect our street from irresponsible and unsafe driving behaviour.

We would like to bring to your attention some changes regarding traffic conditions on Renwick Street. There have been an increased number of:

  • vehicles travelling on Renwick Street,
  • heavy commercial vehicles, and
  • vehicles travelling at excessive speed.

Under the environmental limits for a local road, the council acknowledged that Renwick Street exceeded the daily traffic limit for a local road status (Warren Road Traffic Study 2019). The annual average daily traffic on Renwick Street in 2018 was over 4,400 vehicles.

The council acknowledges there is a speeding issue with 51.5km/h and 57.2km/h 85th percentile speeds in Renwick Street. They have recommended that the road to be marked with edge lines on both sides between Illawarra Road and Carrington Road, reducing the carriageway to a 6.0m width for two-way traffic.

Update: June 2019

Renwick street will be inundated with traffic during AM peak hour if Option A of the Warren Road Traffic Study 2019 is adopted by the council. A council examination of the peak hour traffic flow and the road network indicates that with a one-way westbound arrangement on Warren Road, the eastbound traffic flow would be diverted to Renwick Street during the AM peak hour.

Current peak hour observations indicate an eastbound traffic volume in the order of 160vph (vehicles per hour) on Warren Road during the AM Peak hour. Under the one-way arrangement, the majority would be diverted to Renwick Street, and will likely reach 450vph and 480vph which are approaching the upper limit for a collector road according to the RMS guidelines.

Once traffic volume has exceeded 500vph on a local street, residents are likely to experience a significant reduction in amenity. During the PM peak the eastbound traffic volume in Renwick Street would be in the order of 300vph, which is comparable to the AM peak hour conditions.

Shifting the problem from one street to another does not solve traffic issues. Option A of the study impacts residents living on streets surrounding Warren Road.

Why does this matter to the residents on Renwick Street?

Residents on Renwick continue to complain about near-miss traffic accidents. These unreported near-misses would not reflected in council statistics. Vehicles pick up speed down the road, ignoring local residents attempting to cross the road. Locals have raised concerns previously to the council about the well-known blind spots caused by a ‘false horizon’ at the top of the street.

We want to make sure the street remains a safe and peaceful residential street for us all to enjoy. Increased traffic would make our street unsafe for many elderly, kids and/or disabled residents. It would make our children, our pets, our families become fearful of crossing the road. 

Our Ask to the Council

We have researched similar streets to evaluate traffic calming options available. A few potential options for Renwick Street could include:

  1. No entrance from Illawarra Road – some residents suggest this would be an effective way to address the blind spot issue next to Woolworth Illawarra.
  2. Relocate Woolworth Illawarra car park entrance to Illawarra Road
  3. Speed humps – a tradition traffic calming measure that has had success on multiple residential streets in Marrickville. Residents are generally appreciative of the noise reduction.
  4. Angle parking - reduced width of the street would discourage vehicle from travelling at a high speed. Secondly, this would also allow more parking spaces for residents.

To introduce road safety improvements to Renwick Street, we request the Inner West Council to:

  1. Conduct a traffic study and propose appropriate traffic calming measures for Renwick Street.
  2. Approve the Inner West Council recommendation (Warren Road Traffic Study 2019) to have the Renwick Street marked with edge lines on both sides between Illawarra Road and Carrington Road, reducing the carriageway to a 6.0m width for two-way traffic.
  3. Extend the community feedback timeframe for Warren Road Traffic Study (Ref15/3320) as the proposal was distributed prior to a long weekend. Also, a considerable number of residents do not speak English.
  4. Not to shift traffic issues from one street to surrounding streets.