Remove Joe Alderliesten, Off Reserve Councillor, from the McLeod Lake Indian band

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Our Elected Off Reserve Council Representative, Joe Alderliesten, has chosen not to respond to many requests to discuss issues on transparency and governance.

My initial email to Joe was sent on June 18th, another on June 20th referencing Section 2.7.10 CC Policy, and again on June 25th directly asking for a response.

I then sent a text message on July 5th and again on July 6th, 2018 no response.

Having had a very active facebook presence when it came to questions relating to our community I decided to send a facebook messenger message, where then Joe “blocked” me.

Other Band Members have reached out without any response.

I would like to draw everyone's attention to a number of Sections of the Policy and Guidelines of Chief and Council:

Section 1.4 – Responsibility - All members of Council and the Band Administrator are responsible for the maintenance of and adherence to this policy,

Section 1.6 Amendments - Council will, through a quorum, approve amendments to this policy,

Section 2.1.3 The functions of Council also include the oversight of the following activities (Off Reserve interests of members),

Section 2.2.2 Duty of Honesty - Chief and Councillors must act honestly and in good faith at all times when dealing with or on behalf of the Band,

Section 2.7.10 Conduct of Council - Council has a primary responsibility to be reasonably accessible to the members of McLeod Lake Indian Band. Council should return calls and e-mail.

Section 2.16 Penalties of Council - All Council members must carry out their duties in good faith with a reasonable degree of diligence, care, accountability, transparency and skill. If a Council member is deemed to be negligent in carrying out his/her duties, the remaining Council members have the right to enforce its applicable policies (refer to list of penalties).


Section 5 Oath of Office - ... will do my utmost to carry out the duties of my position conscientiously, loyally, and honestly; remembering that my primary duty is to serve the membership of the Band as a whole and to treat all members equally regardless of name or ancestry,

This Council behaviour that Joe exhibits is disrespectful, childish and contrary to a position of an Elected Council person according to the Policy and Guidelines of Chief and Council. 

Removing him from his Elected position will send a clear message that Band Members are active, concerned and give the incumbent with the highest votes, an opportunity to ensure our Voice is heard and responded to in a respectful and reasonable manner.