Keep 13 Reasons Why On Netflix

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I want to petition against having 13 reasons why being deleted off of netflix. The creator of 13 rw , Selena Gomez , made this show because she wanted everyone to be aware of the causes and effects suicide has on ALL PEOPLE. This show is very graphic but thats the reason there was a warning sign before the gruesome part. This show isn't to set off triggers or make people think suicide is the answer. 13 rw is to let people know that stuff like they showed in the episodes happen everyday. No matter how close you keep your kids or how close you are with your friends anyone can be going through it. I have struggled with depression and thought many times that suicide would be my way out. It's not and it wasn't. I watched 13 reasons why and it made me sad but didn't set off any triggers. I feel it actually helped me cope to see other people actually suffer from others actions. I always thought it would be selfless to just go an rid everyone of myself , but i know now that it just sets off a chain of events. Everyone you thought wouldn't care CARES THE MOST.  I understand where everyone is coming from but we have to understand that we cannot protect our kids or our friends from real life we can just be there to support and comfort them. I think it should stay on netflix because it is helping other people copes with there thoughts of suicide letting them know that everyone is affected by it. Its a selfish decision that doesn't solve anything , it just creates a chain of events of more suicide or hurt. I personally feel if people weren't strong enough to watch it then why watch? This stuff happens in real life we must be prepared because anything can happen. For the people petitioning to have it removed "do you not want to see what happens to clay?"