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The Danville Parks and Leisure Commission listened to the young skaters of Danville and decided to consider a proposal for a local skatepark. To clarify, this proposal has not yet reached the council, therefore the decision to build the skatepark has not yet been done. However, a considerable amount of planning has been done after the Parks and Leisure Commission sought out Aaron Spohn and his design team at Spohn Ranch Skateparks. Aaron's team has worked on over 1000 skate-related projects and are experts in skatepark safety and design. Aaron and his team surveyed three different parks in Danville, one of them being Sycamore Valley Park. They looked at the locations of the local high schools and middle schools and their distance from the park to see if it would be close enough. Furthermore, they take into consideration the existing topography of the park, which would limit digging. Sycamore Valley Park qualified for all of their requirements necessary for a safe, easily accessible, and convenient skatepark.

Many people who stand against the park claim that if a skatepark is built in Sycamore Park it will not match the current beauty of the park. However, Aaron personally talks to the locals and asks what they think would match their town and the area the skatepark is built in. He doesn't just use gray concrete, he uses different colors and creates aesthetics by adding trees and other elements that are unique to the area. For example, Aaron has ideas to represent Mount Diablo by adding boulders to the skatepark.

Another argument people bring up is taking away the open grass area. The skatepark is proposed to be built in the open grass area or where the existing fountains are. If the skatepark were to be built in the open grass area, it would not take away the peace or serenity of the park at all. There is plenty of other relaxing grass areas on the lower east side of the park. And if the skatepark were to be built where the fountains are, that would be convenient because it was mentioned that there might be some maintenance problems in the future with the fountain which could lead to its removal anyway.

And finally, protestors claim that the park should be built next to the mustang soccer fields way down Camino Tassajara. This location is very unreasonable because it is about a 20 minute drive from downtown Danville which really defeats the purpose of a Danville skatepark. I'm sure parents would rather drive 10 minutes to Sycamore Valley than all the way to the Mustang Soccer Fields. Building the skatepark at the Mustang Fields completely contradicts the Spohn Ranch feasibility requirements that I mentioned earlier.

Aaron used his own time to determine the best place for the proposed Danville skatepark and used his own money to fly to the Bay Area multiple times in order to thoroughly inform us and work with us to make this park the best it can possibly be. 

To finalize, building a skatepark in sycamore park will not take away the serenity of the park, it will only positively diversify Danville and bring new and safe activities for kids who call their hometown "boring". If you are against the skatepark being built at Sycamore Valley I ask you to visit the Spohn Ranch website ( look at their previous projects, and how unique each one is, and listen to the voices of us skateboarders and skatepark users with an open mind. If the skatepark is not built in Sycamore park where are convenient and central alternatives? As for the people in favor of the location of the skatepark, I ask you to continue to spread the word of this skatepark proposal and most importantly sign this petition, have your friends sign this petition, have your friend's friends sign this petition. Have your aunt, uncle, grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, anyone sign this petition! 

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