Allow Laura and other foreign exchange students to walk across the stage at Dansville HS

Allow Laura and other foreign exchange students to walk across the stage at Dansville HS

February 3, 2022
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Started by Alesha Metter

We are the Metter family and we were blessed last minute to host our foreign exchange student Laura Petersen this year from Germany. It was very last minute as her original host family fell through after her working almost two years, they all of a sudden said they couldn't take her for whatever reason. Well we did and couldn't be more lucky to have her. 

The school is telling us she can NOT walk with her peers over the stage at graduation. 

We think this is completely unacceptable. Laura is an exceptional student with basically perfect grades and voted into homecoming court unknowingly by her peers. She is a very hard worker, tries every sport that she's never even heard of and makes the team. She is on the yearbook committee just to name a few things and now the school is telling her this devastating news.

Well I am here to fight for her and every foreign exchange student to follow. Their only "argument" is that it would not be fair to a student that doesn't have enough credits to graduate! I think that is completely ludicrous and not even close to the same thing. She does have the credits to graduate and she deserves the end to this FULL experience that she's dreamed of for so long in America.

I have been debating this with the principal an acting superintendent for a few weeks now. As of today they want to have a "discussion "with me the week of February 14. 

I also plan on bringing this to the next school board meeting and we would truly appreciate anybody's support. If you have knowledge into this, any history or anything at all would be super appreciated. If you want to speak up at the meeting, if you have any help before then or any alumni or teaching staff knowledge, we need you.

Someone in Dansville, perhaps by no fault of their own, already almost tarnished our community name and nearly crushed Lauras dreams once by changing their minds and chose not to take her - almost not allowing her to fulfill her hard work and dreams coming to America for this experience. Well she is here and she is SHINING!

Laura's love and faith in for Dansville is strong and she deserves this experience and honor to walk across the stage with her friends that she has made here. She doesn't even need to get handed a piece of blank paper. Just saying her name and walking is good enough for her.

I've done my research and we are one of only school districts who practice is this. The agency where Laura come from and all the other school districts I work with say they have never heard of such a thing.

We almost let her down once, let's help not make it happen again. I do not want her to go home with any negative thoughts or feelings on our amazing community, because that is what we are. Amazing and supportive.

Thank you all from the bottom of Laura, her family  and the Metter family's hearts. She is a permanent part of Dansville now as well as our family. She always will be. For free to call or text. 517-914-2004


Alesha Metter

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Signatures: 1,125Next Goal: 1,500
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