Stop The Production of Yogurt cartons and seals of these cartons

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The above picture is my inspiration 

Almost 10 million Marine animals are dying from plastic, helpless and innocent animals are dying because we franctially aren’t getting involved in stopping it 

You see cartons for yougurt products are small, which is very convenient but this means that this carton is therefore made up of many different chemical, making it difficult to recycle. There are however businesses and places looking into using bio plastic made up of plant based substance and even animal waste. 

So don’t you want to be the first yogurt business in South Africa to take the stand to get rid of yogurt cartons! 

The next issue is the seal of the yogurt, which can’t be recycled or reused. I would say if you wanted a new design let’s go for the bioplastic/ bamboo carton style.. Fashionable eco! Which is in fact completely reusable and biodegradable and can be used again 

so all your wonderful customers have to do is fill their carton, which creates jobs and saves the environment. A person can go home knowing that they are having something nutritious and saving another animal 

Danone I feel that you should consider this, spend some time and maybe even do a test trial

if we don’t start now then WHEN? If we don’t start the war against plastic, we won’t even know if we were able to win

Come on everyone let’s get on board the eco-train... The one which saves