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Face legal charges for death of Colten Winkler

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On April 21st Colten Winkler's life was taken from us at a age way too soon. A grown man made the decision to have a party at his house and include children that he knew were underage. There was alcohol there. In the early hours of the morning, for some reason, this grown man made the decision to get in his vehicle and bring along with him an 18 year old intoxicated young man. They were drag racing in conditions that should have never the scene of such disaster. Danny lost control of the car. Colten paid the ultimate sacrifice. His life was taken at the hands of his grown man. Regardless of it being an accident or not, this man made the willing decision to do this. Allowing children to drink underage. Taking an impaired person who was not even of legal age to be impaired along with him on a ride of destruction. Colten's family has been told that the reason that Danny has not been charged with this is that our government can't afford to "foot" the medical bills as he lost a leg. Well Colten lost his life. He paid for his misfortune decision. Why is this man still free? Living his life. Complaining about the pain? Feeling sorry for himself? HE inflicted this lifestyle on his self. Our justice system was put in place for a reason. People have gone to jail for writing fraudulent checks yet this man is allow to continue to live his life and not have to pay justice. It is time that the District Attorney step up and put this man where he belongs, behind bars! Not to mention that this man works for the Board of Education. He is working with our countries future, your children! And what is he teaching them? That it is okay to drink underage, to drive while impaired, to take someone's life without consequences. We need to raise our voices and force our government to do something about this!!! Please sign this petition to be sent to the District Attorney's office and put him in a position where he has no choice to move forward in justice for Colten!

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