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Danny DeVito 2020

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If you would please look at the current U.S leader you would see a problem, simply put it's Trump. now, don't get me wrong i like Trump as much as the next person (which doesn't actually seem to be a lot but whatevs) but I have given countless hours of thought into this predicament and I've come to the conclusion that we need a new leader, not because of his personality, opinions  or his  general "asshole-y-ness" but because, and i'm sure other people share the same idea, he is too tall. 

I feel that it would greatly benefit both the U.S and the world (Isn't America basically the world?) if the representative of the state would be under 150cm, this is mainly due to the reason that if anyone ever feels the need to assassinate our great and powerful leader they will be a much smaller target, this isn't even that outlandish as JFK was 183cm at his time of death and as we all know, he was shot and killed.

I propose that we elect Danny DeVito as our new leader.

Danny DeVito is 147cm tall which is a whole 36cm shorter than JFK meaning that if the same bullet was shot at Danny it would certainly miss. Another reason i wish to put forward Mr. DeVito is because he has extensive knowledge regarding the recycling of the world's waste products due to his previous lines of work INCLUDING the infamous "Trash Man".

Really this is only an idea that I feel would greatly benefit the world and i see no immediate problems that would be caused by this decision, I wish to thank you all for reading this and considering my opinions on the matter; even if it were only for a brief second.

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