Restore the Rawlin's Cross Lights!!!

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We demand that City Council restore the traffic lights to Rawlin's Cross. The ill fated attempt to turn it into a "roundabout" has failed miserably and endangered the pedestrians of downtown St. John's, including the children at Bishop Feild School.

The traffic circling the Cross has increased in speed and has put the lives of everyone living in the area in danger on a daily basis!!!

In this day and age of distracted driving, giving people an intersection with more distractions is not a recipe for safety. Drivers are confused and pedestrians are been constantly threatened by speeding and distracted drivers.

Rawlin's Cross was one of the first intersections in St. John's to get traffic lights and with good reason! We don't need a highway in the middle of our neighbouhood...we need an intersection that is safe to walk through.

We need to put the needs of pedestrians and the local residents above those of people are speeding and not watching what they are doing. The lights make it a lot easier for drivers to navigate the Cross.

Call Danny Breen and your local councillor and also call 311 every time you almost get run over in this historic intersection. Restore the heart of our community!!!

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