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My Grandchild Doesn't Know Me...A serious EPIDEMIC

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My Grandchild Doesn't Know Me.. A serious Epidemic

Take a moment and think... you have this beautiful gift of a Grandchild but your own child divorces, has a break-up or God forbid passes away and their spouse or significant other decides they no longer like you and just like that you no longer have a relationship with your Grandchild. You may think NOT my child.

There is a silent very serious epidemic in our country and across the world, it's called Grandparent Alienation. This is when a grandparent is deleted from the life of their Grandchild for no reason.

The Grandparents Advocate of America organization is breaking this silence here in Connecticut and ALL our chapters throughout the country.
We proposed a bill in the 2017 session HB7244, this bill is modeled by the 2014 passing of the South Carolina Grandparents Rights Law H4348. Their law is working well and has not been challenged by any court. Our Bill will allow grandparents to petition for visitation and after going through a court mediation process. It will again be presented by Senators Doyle and Kelly and brought to the 2018 session in February, It will be the same as HB7244 just under a different number. I only dream of taking my grandkids on outings as my Nana took me.

HB7244 passed the House 143-4 and the CT judicial Committee unanimously last session but was not voted on in the senate. One could ask how does this happen?

This serious epidemic needs to be brought front and center and laws need to change for the countless children who are growing up denied of family.

Please help us let our Connecticut Government know that the Complete Family comes first. This petition will also be used to help our chapters in other states,

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Emidio C. Cerasale director

Grandparents Advocate of America
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