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Save The UConn Co-op

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The University is currently considering a corporate replacement for the UConn Co-op as the official campus bookstore. This petition is to save the UConn Co-op! We are a not-for-profit organization, owned by its members, the majority being students. We believe that an independent, member-owned structure ensures that the Co-op can meet student needs, adapt to a rapidly changing industry, and stay financially and socially sustainable regardless of what the future brings. It is our intention and goal to raise as much support and awareness as possible to prevent a private retailer from taking over the UConn campus bookstore. 

If a private retailer takes over the Co-op, you can expect the following changes:

  • Loss of the textbook price comparison software 
  • Textbooks won't be available all year long (most likely, on a first-come, first-served basis) 
  • Textbook buyback payouts will decrease
  • A cutback in student jobs
  • Layoffs of the current Co-op full-time staff 
  • Decrease of student support services (such as tech repair, shipping services, Apple computer support, orientation packages, graduation ticket sales, bus ticket sales, and, much, much more) 
  • Less support of student organizations
  • Loss of the student voice in the governance of the bookstore
  • No more Secret Sales
  • Less student supplies available (such as school supplies, art materials, and housing essentials)

The Co-op needs your help! On February 8th, we will be giving our proposal to the selection committee, proving to them that we are an integral part of the campus community, and work in the best interest of the students. Our proposal for Making the Future together will be publicly available on our website, so that you can see exactly how the Co-op plans to move forward. If you believe that the UConn Co-op is the best operator for the UConn Bookstore, then please share your support by signing this petition!  

Furthermore, on Monday, February 8th from 10AM-12PM, we will be hosting a rally to demonstrate public support during our presentation to the University and the selection committee. There will be a forum following the rally to listen to your feedback and discuss further ways to support our selection as UConn's official bookstore. 

Finally, please help us gain support by sharing this petition on your social networks using the #SaveTheCoop hashtag, learn more about the campaign on the official @UconnCoop twitter page and Facebook page, and spread the word! 

If you would like to get further involved with this campaign, please share your support by writing a letter or email to the selection committee in charge of making this decision: 

  • Susan Herbst, President (
  • Sally Reis, Interim Vice Provost for Academic Administration, Teaching Fellow in Educational Psychology, and Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor (
  • Eliza Conrad, USG Student Services Chair
  • Martha Bedard, Vice Provost for University Libraries (
  • Alan Calandro, Senior Advisor and Director of Special Projects, Office of the Executive Vice President for Administration (
  • Patti Fazio, Assistant Vice President for Brand Strategy (
  • Michael George, Alumni
  • Robert Hasenfratz, Professor of English and Chair of the Department of English (
  • Michael Kirk, Deputy Chief of Staff, President’s Office (
  • Kyle Muncy, Associate Director of Athletics for Trademark Licensing & Branding (

Today: UConn Co-op Bookstore is counting on you

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