Add stricter gun laws to the Connecticut State Code

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As Connecticut residents, we have seen the tragedy of Sandy Hook ravage our state. It is time that we add stronger gun regulations to help protect students and civilians in the future. We call upon Governor Malloy, the State House, and the State Senate to add provisions such as a mandatory 10-day wait period on the purchase of semi-automatic handguns, a ban on the purchase of semi-automatic guns and assault weapons other than handguns, a ban on ghost guns and bump stocks, and to support Governor Malloy’s plan to fund research into gun violence along with other New England states.

In the wake of the shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglass high school in Florida, students have had to go to school fearing for their lives at how easy it is for people to purchase guns that have the capability of killing many people at once. It’s time that we say that the safety of our children outweighs the interests of the gun lobby and powerful political forces that would have us loosen restrictions on the sale of guns.

We must all agree, as a state, that a good guy with a gun does not stop a bad guy with a gun the way Wayne LaPierre inveighs. We already know that in active shooter incidents, only three percent of shooters are stopped by means of a justifiable homicide with a gun. We also know that in the few times when justifiable homicide does stop a mass shooting, that 34 more people are killed in homicide with a gun, that 78 more people are killed in suicide with a gun, and that two more people are killed in accidental gun deaths. The aforementioned stipulations will help curb the effects of violent crime with guns. Well over 50% of homicides are committed using semi-automatic handguns. Longer waiting periods for the purchase of firearms like handguns has been proven to be effective by experts on gun violence. As well, the ban on the purchase of semi-automatic guns and assault weapons has also been proven to be effective by experts, and is supported by a majority of the public. 

It is imperative that we pass these measures to protect our citizens. Not only do most people support them, but experts believe that they are important steps to take in the fight against gun violence. Now it is time for the Connecticut leadership to affirm, as the public already has, that the life of a child or innocent civilian is more important than someone’s semi-automatic rifle.

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