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Review/revise the "Amendment to the Danish Dog Act of 2010"

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In Denmark, Lars Bo Lomholt rescued Thor, a German Shepherd, from being euthanized.

Thor was involved in a brief fight with a smaller dog – the smaller dog being the attacker/aggressor. The owners of both dogs agreed to let the incident go; however, the smaller dog’s wound became infected, and the owner of smaller dog reported Thor’s owner, Jette, to the police.

Under the Amendment to the Danish Dog Act of 2010, any dog bite that requires medical attention becomes a savage bite, REGARDLESS of the circumstances or severity of the bite. The police levied a large fine against Jette; he paid the fine and thought the ordeal was over. Two months later, under police direction, Thor was taken from Jette and incarcerated in a shelter to await his death sentence. Thor was in the shelter for 2 months…waiting and languishing.

Officer Lars Bo Lomholt knew of Thor’s story and decided “enough was enough,” – that Thor was yet another dog that had been treated unjustly. Thousands of dogs have been euthanized since the Amendment was put into effect. So, in his uniform, Lars took Thor from the shelter just hours before he would have been euthanized. Thor was in horrible shape – underweight, open sores, loss of muscle mass, and very frightened and emotionally scarred.

Officer Lomholt is currently suspended from the police department and is awaiting disciplinary action. He is also facing criminal charges.

Since July 2010, more than 1400 dogs have been euthanized because of this absurd law. This law was highly criticized even before the amendment, and now it is even more stringent and unreasonable.

Over 1500 people peacefully demonstrated in Copenhagen on February 17, 2013 to request that this unjust law reviewed and revised. Government representatives, and the Minister in charge of the law, refuse to look at this law until this fall, which allows more and more innocent dogs to be euthanized for little or no cause. This Amendment also BANS 14 different breeds from being owned in Denmark, which means that puppies of banned breeds are also being euthanized every day, as well as dogs that may “look” like they are part of a specific breed.

Lars visits Thor at a secret location and they have bonded and become best friends. Please help stop this injustice! Worldwide pressure may help change this absurd law and save hundreds of innocent dogs from being euthanized for unjust reasons.

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