Dispensation of Income and Work requirements for Denmark Immigrants during Corona Lockdown

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Denmark has one of the strict immigration rules where Immigrants are required to show an annual income and number of hours of work each month (120 hours at least) to extend their visa, apply for Permanent Residency Permit (PR) or Family reunification. One should have earned an annual income of  320,000 kr (Green Card scheme) or 436,000 kr (Pay Limit scheme) to be eligible for visa extension while should have work full time continuously for 4 years to apply for PR. 

In the current global corona pandemic and economic lockdown where thousands of immigrants have lost their jobs, it is now impossible to fulfil these requirements.

Recommendation: We demand to waive the income and work requirements for at least 3 months for visa extension, PR and family reunification applicants otherwise there will be humanitarian crisis as thousands of immigrants might lose the right to stay in Denmark without the fault of their own.

These immigrants otherwise have been working full time and are highly integrated in the Danish society. They will surely be required to boost up the economy once situation gets normal with COVID-19.

While the public and some political parties in Denmark support these demands, we request the Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, Danish Govt, Danish Parliament and EU to intervene before immigrants face another crisis amid COVID-19.