Italy Driving License test in English

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I would like to file this petition about conducting Italian driving license test in English language which will benefit both the common public and the  government of Italy. The foreign nationals moving to Italy increased exponentially from the past four to five years both for the education and jobs. Most among those foreign nationals are familiar with English language. To do an Italian driving license in Italian language does not help the people like us and most of them including me have been waiting from the years to develop the command in Italian language and proceed with the license examination. Providing the driving license exam in English will not only benefit the common public to obtain a license but also generate income to the schools and transportation department. With this the sales of vehicles will increase which can contribute to the government income through taxes, which can also impact in improving business flow inside the country with the foreign nationals. Me on behalf of all my fellow foreigners, would like to request the ministry of transportation to look into this request.

Thank you