Change the CRHS Graduation Gown colors back to Maroon and Gold

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Central Regional High School has been preparing students for graduation for almost 60 years. Growing up, students dream of graduating and being able to start their lives, doing their dream job. They have a picture of their graduation day in their minds and get more and more excited as the years go by, waiting to wear that gold or maroon gown. 

 A letter was sent to the now seniors of CRHS stating that the caps and gowns would now be maroon with a gold stole. As the rumors and letters went around, the students started getting very upset being that they were expecting to receive their diploma in a gold or maroon gown. 

 Many students as well as parents are upset by this sudden change and would like the gown colors to return to the way they have always been, the traditional gold and maroon gowns. 

This letter was a shocker to all incoming seniors and many of them don’t understand why the change was made being that there was no reason stated, and the students were not included in the decision. 

It was also rumored that change was supposed to include the class of 2018, but senior portraits were already taken. 

Alumni who have family attending the CR are disappointed as they were waiting to see their relatives graduate in the same color gowns as they did. 

It is understandable that equality could have been a factor in making this decision but graduation is a date that all seniors look forward to and plan for. This change is greatly affecting the class of 2019 already. 

The students would like to see a change and return back to the traditional gold and maroon gowns. The seniors at CRHS are trying to make their senior year the best year of their high school career and this will ensure positive, happy and excited students for the 2018-2019 year.

The gold and maroon gowns represent Central regional and show that we are a school of pride. We aren’t just maroon, we are maroon and gold and having the two different colors shows a clean and crisp look. Not to mention, the different gown colors makes it a Central Regional graduation. This has been an ongoing tradition at CRHS that the class of 2019 is not ready to let go of. If it isn’t broken, why fix it?