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Please help amend the MMMA: ALL children deserve the right to use this medication.

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In the state of MI, parents are being denied the right to chose CBD/Medical Marijuana as an option for treatment for their children, unless they have a qualifying debilitating disease. I am advocating for ALL children and parents who deserve the right to have this option of treatment, before having to result to harsh chemicals, such as Pharmaceuticals. Our state officials are not moving quick enough in stopping the over prescribing of medications to our children and especially children who are on Medicaid or in foster care.

When my son Keegan was 8yrs old (he is now 12) he developed a virus called costochondritis (inflammation of the lungs). Their is no cure for this severely painful virus, and the patient has no choice but to ride it out. My son and I spent about three months in and out of the hospital trying to keep the pain under control.

Our first trip into the hospital, Keegans physicians put him on a steroid. They told us he couldn't be on it for more than five days due to harmful side effects. After the five days were up Keegans physicians tried giving him Ibuprofen to help with the inflammation, however, we then found out he was allergic.Keegans physicians then put him on Tylenol with codeine to try and help with the pain, however, we eventually had to stop because it was starting to decrease his liver.

I new in my heart that Keegan would benefit from CBD oil/Medical Marijuana to help relieve the inflammation in his lungs and subdue the horrific pain he was going through. I was so angry knowing their was a medicine out there that could help my child, but our state officials denied my son the right to use it and threatened me with prosecution if i pursued.

Currently in the state of Michigan children can benefit from CBD/Medical Marijuana only if they have a qualifying condition according to the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, which leaves so many children left out. Parents or guardians have to give written consent allowing the medication, while presenting two written certifications from physicians agreeing to the treatment of CBD/Medical Marijuana. These hoops parents have to jump through to get what we need for our children, are very difficult, and nearly impossible especially for children who do not have a debilitating disease.

Although Michigan has come along way allowing the use of this treatment for our children, It's still not where we need to be. All children deserve the right to have the option of CBD/medical marijuana first, before having to result to harmful pharmaceuticals. It's very important for me as a parent to find the best medicine for my family that will do the least amount of harm. Please sign my petition in amending the MMMA and fight for ALL childrens right to a safe medicine that has proven to have positive results.  


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