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Properly Feed & Nourish the Castle

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Here at BISC students are confined to a mere three meals a day with the cafeteria being open for a total of 6 hours a day. This is stark when comparing it to the dining halls at Queen's which are open nine hours a day, not to mention the some of the other locations on the Queen's campus which can provide food for 17.5 hours a day.

 After a few weeks of getting to know each other at the castle, we have found many ways in which we are all similar and different, but one thing in which, I can assure you, all students here at BISC share in is the constant and returning hunger that we must endure until we are allowed back into the dining hall the next morning. With minimal resources for the students at BISC, we have been forced to resort to ordering food to be delivered as well as scarfing down on the little fruit we are provided.

 First years pay, according to your website, $41,918 a year; comparing this to the $21,555 paid by first-year students at Queen's many students are left wondering 'what exactly is this $20,000 a year going towards when students are left starving without proper nourishment. For a 'world class' institution this is unacceptable.

 When comparing what we were promised here at BISC to what we received, the results are staggering. The website states that the Headless Drummer would be open four days a week: Monday to Thursday from 7:00 pm until 11:30 (12:00 on Thursday's), within two weeks of being here this was drastically reduced from four nights a week to one.

 When we arrived here at BISC, we were shocked by the immediate outcry from the first years of all the things wrong with the school and all the things they wanted to change. It seems every year students come to the castle and have several problems, but instead of addressing these issues management sweeps them under the rug and prepares for a new batch of oblivious first years who don't know what to expect or who to contact when they desire change.

 As upper years, we feel we are in unique position to contrast the differences between the resources provided at Queen's to the resources given to us at BISC. We should be provided with what we were promised, and be given the opportunity to properly nourish ourselves. We have tried and tried again to request that our basic needs be met, but have always been met with opposition to this change. We demand to know where exactly our $20,000 (per student) each year is being allocated if not in our own basic needs. Why are students paying $40,000 to go hungry at a castle in the middle of nowhere and being provided minimal resources when our counterparts at Queen's, who pay a fraction of our tuition, are given all that we are and so much more?

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