Removal of Hadfield Elementary School

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For the sake of our children's education, well being, and future. I am requesting the removal of the principal at Hadfield Elementary School. Please replace her with a principal who wants a positive impact on the future of our children. 

Children deserve a principal who is involved in creating a safe and healthy learning environment. 

Just one example of a safety concern, last year there was a parent who wasn't following pick up procedures. A teacher tried to direct the parent and the patent yelled at her. While parked iwas side swiped with four kids in my car. The lady drove off. When I called to speak to the principal I was told the accident was being talked about. The other parent continued to be unsafe and nothing was done. The principle never even returned my call or inquired if the children were ok. The principal's lack of supervision and actions put these children at risk.

The principal doesn't take any effort to provide accurate information to parents. Last year the pick up and drop off information was incorrect. It took over an hour to find one of my children at the end of her first day. She was in tears and frightened work the principal no where to be seen. 

This year the calendar shows the first day of school to be September 3rd but her personalized welcome letter says September 4th. These are just two of the many examples of miscommunication on the principals part. 

There are many well deserving people who would be great at this position and be great at it. I'm asking people help replace the principal with someone who would encourage a positive aspect in our children's lives.

Please see below another issue handled poorly: 

I mailed my children's registration paperwork in over a month ago. School starts in just a few days and this happens. Please see below the letter the the super with Waukesha school District. A few days before school starts and looks like the principal un enrolled my children. My children have been at the school for several grades. Wouldn't a principal want to keep children in her school not push them out?

I'm not sure if you remember speaking with me several years ago. It's been so long and you deal with so many people. My children are A (last name) and N  (last name).  My daughter was bullied severely at stem. She had since been at Hadfield and has come a long way. She has worked with the social worker Mrs. Ohme to help get back on track. We had moved a few times recently after my dad was in an accident and needed to be cared for. We moved a final time to Big Bend Road in Waukesha. For obvious fear if backtracking with my daughter I would like my kids to stay at Hadfield. Before I knew I would be taking our condo I registered my kids with the information I had. This afternoon the principal, who to be honest we have had several issues with her sending conflicting information home, showed up at my dad's house and handed my children's registration to him. She then asked him to give it back to me. I find the way this was handled insulting. They have known we have moved several times this part year and the issues my daughter has had. If it weren't for my daughter's previous bullying issue and finally being on track I wouldn't want her going there. Quite frankly things have gone down hill since Mrs. McCoy left the school.I am looking for the direction I should go to make sure my children are not only physically in the right school but also mentally. Please feel free to discuss this issue with Mrs. Ohme as she has great insight with regards to Abigail's situation.


As of August 26th this is what I was emailed by mistake. Please note I posted my reply.

The email below was sent to me by mistake from Mr Rodd Grey:

fyi....check with Jen also.  actual residence may be Wales.  I talked with Grace today and she did what she did because the family refuses to open enroll from KM...and they are trying to use her father's address  (in district) to get around that.  The problem...if we count them for 3rd Friday, we would get dinged on a enrollment audit.  Also, we should do right under the law.


Hello Sara,

Thank you . I understand it is a hectic time with school around the corner.  I would appreciate the help because as I mentioned she went to my dad's house and gave him all my children's paperwork to return to me. Since my dad wasn't aware of who she was he was hesitant to give her information. We have moved so recently 3/4 of our belongings are still at my dad's. Now I have no where to bring my kids. I don't know why she doesn't like my children. I can't imagine she goes to everyone's home and un enrolls the children. I feel her position should be reevaluated.  I can't imagine anyone who cares about children does this.

Thanks again for the assistance.


 Mr Grey,


Could your please remail weekday your sent me? Just so you are aware the school wad aware of my situation and in No way did I refuse to fill out paperwork. My dad's address was our address at the time of registration.  If you would like his phone number I would be glad to give it to you.  Also we lived in Wales for TWO months. I have provided what they asked as proof as that was accurate at the time. I am insulted to be called I liar especially without being asked. Does the ms hess go to everyone's house? If he dad knew who she was he could have showed her our bedrooms. We haven't even finished moving out of his house. It's horrible that a principal would just throw kids out. For the TWO months we were temporarily in Wales I did fill out the paperwork I was asked to. Obviously ms hess has a problem with me or my children and people who take it out on children don't deserve to work with children.


--------------------------------------   to Todd, Sara

Never mind. I found your email. Really my family is dinging you? Shame on you! These are my children and the school was aware I lived with Dad because he was crushed in a motorcycle accident.They were well aware of our situation. I provided everything they asked. If you would like I would be GLAD to set up a meeting my my dad and his attorney who CAN VERIFY this since the proof I was asked for isn't good enough. I at NO time refused to fill out paperwork. They knew we were in Wales for 2 months while getting reestablished and still taking care of my dad.



update: 9/5/2013

To date the principal is yet to make an appearance in the morning . Children, parents, and teachers where left to try and find direction for themselves. I was told this year they were just going with thw flow from onlookers. Last year there was assembly every morning with the kids having to be there ar 820. Not a single word about it this year I heard by word of mouth that assembly 2 times a week but no one knew when.

The principle has been out once at the emd of the day standing propped on rhw fence while miserably mumbling "hi" to passing people. 

The previous principal 


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