Rename the Washington NFL team the Washington Rednecks

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Owner Daniel Snyder recently announced that he has (finally) agreed to change the overtly racist name of his Washington professional football team. Seeking a new, more fitting name, he has mentioned Redtails and Red Wolves, trying to keep as much of the old name as possible. Rednecks is the perfect substitute.

While now often used as a perjorative by urbanites, the term "redneck" derives from the sunburned skin, especially the back of the neck, that honest, salt-of-the-earth rural laborers, farmers and miners often get from working in the hot sun. Rednecks are "essential workers." They're the men and women who have to take a shower after work, not before. Rednecks come in all colors, genders, religions, ethnic groups and political persuasions. No matter how divided we are, we can all agree that rednecks make America run.

The term "redneck" is being reclaimed and celebrated as a term of pride by the millions of blue-collar Americans who form the backbone of the NFL's fan base. The name is a throwback to the league's roots, when teams were often named after local industries like Steel (Pittsburgh Steelers), Meat-packing (Green Bay Packers) and Oil (Houston Oilers). The Washington NFL team, reeling from backlash against its racist name, logo and culture of rampant sexism, desperately needs to get this right. What better way to help Washington and the NFL properly reboot this franchise than by having our nation's capital's team choose Rednecks as their new name?