Bring Tim Hortons to Ireland

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Dear Mr. Daniel Schwartz,

I, on behalf of many Canadians in Ireland, as well as those who have visited or lived in Canada from Ireland, would like to request the opening of Tim Hortons in Ireland.

With your recent successful expansion into the UK, Ireland would be your next best alternative. For decades, Canada and Ireland have had a great relationship of cooperation with many Irish spending a few years in Canada, and then coming home again. I, as a Canadian now living in Ireland, greatly miss my 'Double Double' with a chocolate glazed donut.

With a large Canadian population in Ireland, as well as those who have become obsessed with Tim's from visiting Canada and can no longer have the sweet nectar, we need Tim Hortons in Ireland.

The two largest hubs for Canadians are Dublin and Cork, which would be the best place to start.

More reasons to open here:

- There is a desperate need for coffee cream here
- Most coffee shops/cafes close early, and Canadians miss being able to get a coffee at 11 in the evening
- Coffee is expensive here. You would fill a huge gap with your affordable brews
- Coffee culture is massive in Ireland, as well as donuts (two things of which you dominate)
- I alone visited Tim's upwards of 7 times a week, imagine that in the thousands plus all your new customers

We aren't asking you to open one right away, we just want to know that there are plans in the pipeline for some to open soon.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Tim Hortons Annonymous (Ireland)

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